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Maria Canfarotta


"When my mom was dying, our family received an AngeKIT from the Hospital Staff, which helped guide us through her final stages. During those moments before my mom's passing, I wasn't just a therapist; I was her daughter, and the guidelines and items in the kit helped us give my mom a dignified and compassionate farewell. Thank you."

Rachel Johnson,


"We don't always have enough time to start a conversation, and I understand that there are many questions. AngelKIT bridges the gap for our patients and staff. I highly recommend that any unit dealing with dying patients should purchase them."

Birgit Jensen
Hospice Nurce

"Self-help tools like the Angelkit and other care packages for children and teenagers have made a tremendous impact not only for the families who receive them but also for our staff.

Eileen Petersen

Middle school Teacher/Widow

'When my husband was dying, our family received an AngeKIT from the Hospice nurse, along with an extra ZAM Care package for our children. The mobile angel in the Angelkit was heaven-sent, as our 3 children drew little hearts and messages on the angel wings and hung it next to their dad. The coloring book about the super dog was helpful to start a conversation about what was happening to their father. Despite their ages of 2, 8, and 12, I think it gave them a feeling of involvement. Little items like lip balm and massage oil helped me stay present with my husband until he took his last breath. Every family navigating the final stages, especially at home, should have an Angelkit.

Lars Heslet

Professor, MD

ICU National University Hospital


"When parents are nearing the end of their lives, it becomes crucial to ensure that their children are present during the final stages. I have witnessed numerous instances where families attempt to shield the children from involvement, thinking it will spare them grief. However, this approach only prolongs the grieving process. Children are remarkably resilient, and it is our responsibility to impart the understanding that death is as natural as birth. I highly recommend the angelkit Package as conversation starters. We are in need of fresh perspectives on end-of-life matters and the grieving process. Embracing new ways of thinking about these sensitive topics will undoubtedly lead to more profound personal growth and collective support."



Kathleen Saint Leger

Head of Montessorri School

'We have used the grief healing book 'Super Dog Zam' in our school, and it is a great tool for teachers to use in the classroom when a student is grieving. It opens up opportunities for meaningful conversations between the student and their peers. Furthermore, it serves as an excellent self-help resource for families to use at home. I highly recommend the 'Super Dog Zam' grief series to students aged 3 to 12."

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