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The AngelKIT

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Susan was called upon to sit by the bedside of her dear friend Randi, with whom she had shared a room while recovering from colon cancer surgeries. However, as time passed, Randi's health took a rapid decline. During this difficult period, Susan brought items to provide solace and comfort to her family members, and these very items later evolved into what we now know as AngelKIT.

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"I kept dreaming about some of the friends who had passed away, the majority being mothers who left their children behind. I sat at the bedside many times, and when you die in a sterile environment like a hospital, there are things we can do as loved ones to change the atmosphere and create a more dignified passing. I woke up from one of my dreams in July of 2011 and knew what to do."

Susan Binau

Creator of AngelKIT

Volunteers Worldwide Join 

Susan in Spreading AngelKIT's 

 Healing Wings

Enlisting the support of a dedicated team of volunteers, Susan embarked on creating the first angels, spray-painting them in her own garage. Concurrently, she authored the poignant pamphlet titled "Dignity in the Final Hours," involving contributions from doctors, hospice nurses, families, caregivers, and the terminally ill. This ambitious endeavor also led to a collaboration with Danish composer Niels Eje, the esteemed founder of Musicure. Together, they incorporated a CD sampler, which became an integral part of the AngelKIT package.

Throughout her journey, Susan had the privilege of being mentored by the late MD, Professor Lars Heslet, a pioneering force in the realm of innovation and patient empowerment. His guidance played a pivotal role in Susan's book "The Art of Dying," which was subsequently developed into online courses offered through Serenity Academy—programs tailored to empower both the terminally ill and their caregivers.

In 2015, a new version of the angel, designed by Nannali Trier, emerged under the auspices of Flensted Mobile.  The Angel of Hope not only became an individual product but also retained its significance as an integral part of the AngelKIT Package


A Divine Calling:

Lifeline in Grief's Journey to Share

Generational Grief Resources


This journey is a divine calling. I don't know how else to explain it. People have shown up from near and far—I had serious health issues and near-death experiences—everything teaching me the lessons needed to move forward in the spirit of helping others. Lifeline in Grief was never a business but a calling. All the books, tools, and programs have been developed and tested for years; some took a decade to develop, while others were magically in use a few months from ideas to development. 


2023, is the year when these tools need to get into the hands of a parent company. The need is there, they blue print for how to help  s ready,. Despite the help from hundreds of volunteers, professionals, and business people, we can't take this mission to a nationwide level alone; we need to team up with the right parent company.


Share our vision, leave a footprint. It starts by contacting us. Life, to me, is about generating generational grief resources.


Join us.

Susan & Andy Binau

Image: Left, Susan Binau with the esteemed composer and founder of Musicure, Niels Eje. The CD sampler became an important item in the AngelKIT package, and the music is based on research showing proof to reduce stress and anxiety. Susan and Niels went on national TV to speak about the importance of the AngelKIT and the music.

Learn more about Niels Eje

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