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Lifeline in Grief:

15 Years of Innovation, Empathy & Resilience


The foundation of Lifeline in Grief started in 2008 when Susan Binau published the first self-help book, "Mommy, Can I Have Your 'PC' if You Die?" shortly after her battle with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. She shared her experience navigating life with four minor children while not knowing if she would be around to see them grow up. In 2009, Susan became the sole survivor of six friends who lost their battles to cancer and witnessed firsthand how the lack of grief resources affected their surviving children.


Her journey to make a difference began, and she embarked on a lifelong mission to develop resources for families dealing with terminal illness and grief, becoming an advocate for the importance of teaching the world to speak the language of grief.


Mother, Cancer Survivor, Author & Product Developer

 Susan Binau

Real People, Real Empowerment  

Since the beginning, Susan has collaborated with some of the brightest minds in the United States and Scandinavia to develop innovative and accessible grief resources for families across the globe.

Every tool and program echoes the voices of people who have walked the path: patients, caregivers, grieving teenagers and children, doctors, nurses, hospice professionals, mental healthcare providers, business people, and volunteers from all walks of life. We are now ready to expand the programs nationwide with the right parent company. Contact us for more information.

The Journey of the

From Personal Loss to Global Impact - Susan's Dedication to Compassion and Innovation


Susan was called upon to sit by the bedside of her dear friend Randi, with whom she had shared a room while recovering from colon cancer surgeries. However, as time passed, Randi's health took a rapid decline. During this difficult period, Susan brought items to provide solace and comfort to her family members, and these very items later evolved into what we now know as AngelKIT.

In 2011, Susan and her family made a significant decision to move to the United States, aiming to extend the reach of valuable grief resources and tools. The loss of more friends further reinforced the realization of the pressing need for a tool like AngelKIT, along with the urgency of offering grief training for hospital staff. Read more

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Susan & Andy Binau
Co-Authors & Co-Founders of Grief Heroes Foundation  & Lifeline in Grief, LLC

Mother and Son
on a Mission 


In 2013, her nine-year-old son Andy joined her mission after authoring his first book in the aftermath of losing a friend to brain cancer. The book served as a gift to the grieving sister and later became part of a donation project reaching hospitalized children and their siblings. In 2019, she founded the Grief Heroes Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

During the turbulence of the COVID Pandemic, Andy Binau teamed up with Emily Kloeppel, a school teacher in the Putnam City School District of Oklahoma, to spearhead a pilot project aimed at providing much-needed grief relief for children. The pilot project included 18 inner-city schools, more than 18 school counselors, and over 525 teachers.


Lifeline in Grief's Journey

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